Quality Features
Eco Foam and Carpets


A carpet is a great way to add softness, warmth and luxury to your
home for years to come. To extend your carpet living experience,
a number of factors need to be considered, such as, the carpet
density and how tightly the yarn is cut. Just as important as
the physical properties of the carpet are, so is the choice
of carpet cushion.

Whether your carpet is made from natural fibres, synthetic
(man-made) fibres or a blend of fibres, Eco Foam can be the best
choice to help protect your carpet in appearance and performance.

Matching the Carpet to the Right Cushion

The carpet industry recommends that a residential cut pile, cut-loop
or high-level loop carpet requires a resilient, firm conventional pad
to have a maximum thickness of 11mm (7/16”) and no less than
6.5mm (1/4”) and a minimum density of 2.2 lbs per square foot.

A Berber and thinner loop or cut-pile carpet can perform
better with an even lower bending cushion, not to exceed
9.5mm (3/8”) of cushion thickness.

When selecting a carpet, check the carpet manufacturer's
requirements for cushion thickness and density.

Eco Foam is suitable for natural,
synthetic, and blends of carpets.

Eco Foam meets the carpet industry’s criteria of matching
a carpet to the right cushion. Eco Foam offers the ideal
8mm(5/16”) cushion thickness, well within the maximum
and minimum thickness recommended by the carpet
and cushion standards.

Eco Foam offers what you expect from a quintessential
luxury carpet cushion, a unique 3 lbs per cubic foot
molecular cell construction that actually exceeds the
physical performance properties of conventional carpet
padding many times over.

Eco Foam not only complies with the cushion recommendations
set forth by the carpet and cushion industry, it exceeds them
because it resists oxidization (aging). Eco Foam retains its
physical properties throughout its life-cycle continuously
protecting you and your carpet.